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Notice to our Melbourne congregation

Due to the developing situation with the covid-19 virus and decisions taken regarding gatherings of people, Church Services and meetings will be cancelled until further notice. This unprecedented action was taken in response to the decisions taken by health officials and because of concern for the health and well being of all members of our congregation.

The Committee of Management will continue to monitor the situation. The congregation will be advised of further decisions through the KIT, the website and by email. The Beacon will continue to be produced and sent out.  It is the intention of the Committee to keep church activities going in whatever way we can, but without face to face gatherings.

Yours in Friendship,

Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church Committee of Management


Melbournes' First Unitarian Church

Established on the 29th of November, 1852, the Melbourne Unitarian Church is one of the oldest religious organisations in Victoria.

The Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church is a church with a difference.  We impose no creedal demands and we have no liturgy you must adhere to.  Our church motto is ‘Seek the Truth & Serve Humanity’.  All of our Services, written material, programmes, committees, and work are based on this philosophy.  

Our Sunday Service, which commences at 11am, is an hour of music, inspiring words and an address based on issues of peace, the environment, social justice, democratic rights and political issues of a non-party nature.  We firmly believe that churches have a responsibility to take up all issues that affect the people.

All who care about the future of our country and its people, who support social justice, the environment and democracy, and who demand world peace, are welcome at our church.  If you are looking for a church with a difference, the Melbourne Unitarian Church may be just what you are looking for.

The church has produced a leaflet to provide a basic introduction to the tenets of our organisation: Are You A Unitarian Without Knowing It?

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 Microphone  The Unitarian Half-Hour “Seek The Truth and Serve Humanity” goes to air at 10:30 am Saturday mornings on radio 3CR, (855 on the AM dial)