Are you a Unitarian without knowing it?

What is Unitarianism?
As there is no set creed or dogma in Unitarian churches, they develop differently — some retaining some orthodox beliefs and others becoming mostly Humanist.  We believe that we must help to make this world a safer, more environmentally secure, more democratic and more inclusive place for all people. We believe mankind can make a better life, where all can reach their full potential; a life where each one works for the best welfare and greater happiness of all people.

Toward Democratic Eco-socialism as the Next World System By Hans A. Baer

This essay is guided by two imperatives: (1) how do we live in harmony with each other on a fragile planet of limited resources, which have become unevenly distributed; and (2) how do we live in harmony with nature, particularly as humanity lurches forward into an era of potentially catastrophic, anthropogenic climate change that to a large degree is a by-product of the capitalist world system.


The Unitarian Church of East Melbourne is proud to sponsor a project to promote and reinvent the Australian commitment to democracy and equality. This will involve the production of a series of reports of which this is the first. Others will follow in the coming years.  The Unitarian Church will also sponsor seminars, workshops and conferences and reach out to work with other community organisations in reimagining a more equal, more democratic Australia.   We hope you will be inspired to join us and support our work in any way you can. Please read this report that has been prepared and written by Henrike Brussaard and Bronwyn Price, with the support of Prof. Rob Watts (RMIT University). This report was supported by a generous donation.