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Interest Groups

There are a number of interest groups that use church facilities, including groups that have been in existence for many years and which originally came into being in a format more deeply integrated into Church organisation, social activity or teaching.

Groups that meet regularly at Grey St include....

The Poetry and Music Group

This group has been meeting for several years, and does so on the fourth Sunday of each month (except December) for about an hour.  Meetings are open to Church members and visitors.

People are invited to read their own poetry or to bring along poems by others. Those who prefer not to read are welcome to listen. The Church library has a selection of poetry books in the conference room. There are usually two breaks for music, recorded but occasionally live. By all means bring along a recording you like and think others would enjoy.

For more information: Donna Sensi (03 9417 4178) or Florence Wathen (9338 2883).

The Philosophy Forum

The Philosophy Forum was initiated at the Melbourne Unitarian Church in 2002, and meets on the first Sunday of the month, except January.  Meetings run from 12.30 to 13.45 and are held in the church conference room or hall, depending on numbers. The typical format is a speaker for forty minutes, then discussion.

Whilst a wide-ranging subject that touches on all aspects of life, philosophy inquires into the fundamental nature of cosmology, being, consciousness, knowledge, logic, and argumentation. It is rigorous, difficult, and often very confronting.  Philosophy, built on a love of wisdom above all, challenges us to consider our deeply-held assumptions in order to find the most consistent and grounded positions.

Past presentations to The Philosophy Forum have included inquiries into metaphysics and pragmatics, the possibility of self-transformation of the species, moral principles and applied ethics, formal logic and rhetoric, sentience and consciousness, and even a light-hearted look at the influence of intoxication in philosophy!

Atheist Society

The Atheist Society is for Atheists, Agnostics, Rationalists, Humanists, Skeptics, Secularists, Existentialists and other free-thinkers. 

The Athiest Society meets at the Unitarian Church on the second Tuesday of each month during which a lecture is presented on an advertised topic (not necessarily of an atheistic character) followed by questions and discussion.

Atheists have a lack of belief in God, in gods, in the Divine, in the Spiritual