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Church Organisation, Structure, Governance and Management

Governance of the Church

We are a democratic organisation - ultimate authority and responsibility belongs to the members of the church. Our devotion to democracy is not merely a matter of method, but our profound belief in the way people should relate together. All human beings are worthy of participation in the affairs of human society and should be encouraged to accept its opportunities and disciplines.

Annual General meeting

The highest decision-making body of the Church is the Annual General Meeting normally held in September. Between AGM's the Church is governed by a Committee of Management which is elected by and from the membership at the AGM.

Committee of Management

The CoM consists of four officers of the Church being Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and five other Members.

Committees, Boards and Sub-committees of the CoM

The Committee of Management or a General Meeting may create advisory Committees Boards or Sub-committees to assist in the governance or management of the Church.

The current sub-committees are the Building, Maintenance & Finance Sub-committee, the Church Services & Technology Sub-committee, the Youth Sub-committee, and the Social Justice Action Group.

The Social Justice Action Group takes up issues through education, films, discussion and campaign activities.  The range of issues includes evironmental matters such as opposition to coal seam gas extraction, promotion of a peaceful world through support for CICD and Hiroshima commemoration day, support for refugees through working with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and support for other social and industrial matters that affect the well-being of the vast majority of Australian citizens through support for the protection of wages and conditions of workers.  
We see the role of this sub-committee as consistent with, and complimentary to, the philosophy, aims, and objectives of the Church.

All Sub-committees report to the CoM and subsequently, the AGM. The Editorial Committee (the "Beacon Board") is responsible for the collation and presentation of articles in the monthly Church journal, 'Beacon". The Editorial Committee members are elected by the Annual General Meeting of members held each year.

Membership Information & Communication

Postal and electronic Newsletters and half-yearly general meetings of the congregation provide information to members and opportunities to share ideas.

Regular Services

Services are conducted each Sunday from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm followed by a light lunch.  Services feature guest speakers addressing the congregation on a wide variety of topics.