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About Our Church

The motto of the Melbourne Unitarian Church is ‘Seek the Truth and Serve Humanity’.

Another word for church is ‘ecclesia’ , Latin for ‘popular assembly’.  That describes what we are - we assemble for friendship, mutual support and action.  This guides our work, and our journal ‘Beacon' expresses our concerns. 

Historically, Unitarians in Melbourne have tried to serve humanity by being active in the Peace Movement and on other issues of social concern such as the anti-Vietnam war campaign, opposition to the testing of nuclear weapons, civil and Human rights, the protection of state education and public health provision, the movement against fascism, support for public enterprise, Aboriginal land rights, and opposition to fundamentalist religions, etc.

Although each Unitarian church is autonomous, there are fellowships and churches in Britain, the United States, Canada, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and New Zealand. The Unitarian Universalist Association in the USA and Canada has a membership of over 1200 congregations serving over 250,000 adults and children.


Membership application forms are available at the church and all who are in sympathy with the aims of the church are welcomed. For those, through distance or other reasons who are unable to attend services, we are pleased to welcome as associate members


The appointment or not of a minister is the decision of the congregation.


The expenses of the church are met from contributions from members and friends and from rents and investments.